Exterior Doors

River City Woodworks entry and other exterior doors are built to meet the National Building Code of Canada as well as the North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS) which are now being enforced throughout the building community in Canada and the US. These standards, and our certification from the Quality Auditing Institute, reinforce our guarantee of structural integrity of our doors.

Our exterior doors are built with heavy-duty ball bearing hinges and thermal breaks. This ensures high performance in cold climates and accommodates radical temperature swings. When transoms or sidelites are part of your design, special attention is paid to the jamb construction. The glass we use is normally a dual pane, low-E, argon-filled, tempered sealed unit but triple pane glass is available upon request.

At River City Woodworks, we make an integral entry unit rather than compiling independent parts, an approach often used by high volume manufacturers. We use engineered stiles and rails to prevent warping, twisting or splitting. Most important of all is the care and attention to detail we apply to every aspect of door design, construction and finishing. Even our delivery crates are rugged enough to ensure your door, or doors, reach you in the same condition they left our shop.

Your Investment
A single, finished, pre-hung exterior wood door can cost as little as $4000 Canadian. Typically, our clients invest $6000 and up depending on their design, wood and any extras such as viewers, hardware, kick plates and glass options. Keep in mind as you plan – a simple, clear glass transom or sidelite can cost approximately $1000.

Our Investment
River City Woodworks goal is to provide customers with top quality, traditionally constructed, handcrafted wood products. We believe it is unsatisfactory for you to own anything other than our best. We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Our work is our reputation; we make every effort to protect it. River City Woodwork’s doors are warranted to be free of defects in material and labour that cause the door to be unfit for normal recommended use for a period of 24 months from the date you receive it.

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