River City Woodworks goal is to provide customers with top quality, traditionally constructed, handcrafted wood products. We believe it is unsatisfactory for you to own anything other than our best.

Should you have concerns upon delivery of our doors, cabinetry and/or architectural woodwork, please contact us immediately. We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Our work is our reputation and we make every effort to protect it.

Always keep in mind solid wood naturally varies in colour and texture. Variations are not defects. They are part of the beauty of any real wood product.

River City Woodwork’s doors are warranted to be free of defects in material and labour that cause the door to be unfit for normal recommended use for a period of 24 months from the date you receive it.

Caring for your investment ensures its enduring value. Be aware of the effects of direct sunlight, humidity, dogs, and children let loose with crayons or sharp objects. Make sure any unfinished wood you request is properly stained, painted or sealed within 48 hours of arrival.

We believe the best value comes from allowing us to finish your wood product. Pre-finishing components before assembly creates a better overall result. More importantly, we can finish your wood in a controlled environment free of the many potential contaminants involved in construction and renovation.

For more information on our door warranty and recommendations for care, see below.

Care and Warranty for Unfinished Exterior Doors (PDF)
Care and Warranty for Unfinished Interior Doors (PDF)
River City Woodworks Door Warranty (PDF)


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